Let’s Celebrate Dads!

Dads give so much to their children, and the positive effects involved dads have on children are often underestimated. Research shows that fathers who are actively engaged in parenting have a significant impact on the healthy development of their children. Kids who grow up with involved dads:

  • Do better in school
  • Have less trouble with the law
  • Have better jobs/careers
  • Have better relationships with others
  • Have higher self-esteem

Now that you have the evidence to back up what you probably already knew, it’s time to really get involved. Here’s how:

  • Play with your kids…a lot
  • Keep in touch when you are away from home—a call, an email or a note will do the trick
  • Spend time with kids doing things they want to do
  • Appreciate their strengths out loud—tell them what you love about them
  • Teach them using love and support
  • Be patient! It takes a lot of time and practice to get life right

Dad and ToddlerThink about the relationship you want to have with your children, and then work every day to nurture and strengthen that bond. Ask yourself this question frequently: “Is what I am doing bringing me closer to being the father I want to be?” We are always looking for great ideas and stories about fathering to add to our dad’s web page. If you want to share your ideas or comments about being an involved dad, send them to info@op-cc.ca. Please include consent to post your ideas online in your email. Nikki Taylor, Parent Education Manager

just for dadsDrop-in:  Calling All DadsThis drop-in gives dads an opportunity to connect with their kids. We provide lots of stimulating activities for children in a safe, fun environment. Plan to join us, hangout with other dads, and have a great time with the kids.Grandpas and Uncles also welcome!  Runs September until June – see drop-in schedule for details

Being An Involved Dad The Father Involvement Initiative-Ontario Network (FII-ON) consists of local and provincial groups that have come together to discuss, learn about and encourage the active involvement of fathers in the lives of their children. More information about the network is available on at www.cfii.ca/fiion.





See what we classes and workshops we offer “Just for Dads”

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International Fathers’ Mental Health Day (IFMHD) is an annual global event first launched in 2016 which gives voice to issues unique to men as they transition to fatherhood—their strengths, difficulties, and needs.