Join other parents just like you and be part of the fun and learning in our parenting classes & workshops.

parenting_familyRaising a family is hard work and OPCC wants to be part of your “village”.
We understand how tough parenting can be.  We are committed to providing high quality parenting programs and help for you and your family.  Our parent education, information  and support services are designed to give you a variety of ways to get the information and assistance you need when you need it including evenings and weekends.

You can join us for our fun and interactive workshops, give us a call, book an appointment with our Parent Educator, check out the great resources in our Parent library and on our website.  See below or our program guide  for workshops and classes.

A few things to know:

  • Registration is required for workshops.  Please register early as we cancel programs that have insufficient enrollment.
  • Babies up to 6 months old can accompany you in the workshop
  • Childcare for children newborn to 5 years is available for our daytime parenting workshops unless otherwise noted in the program description.  There is no childcare offered for evening and weekend classes.

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halton_logoAdjusting to Parenthood Support Group (formerly Postpartum Support Group)
Are you the parent of a child under the age of two years?  Are you surprised about how you are feeling now that you are a parent?  Are you struggling with being exhausted, overwhelmed or unsure of how to relate to your baby/child?  You are not alone, we can help.  Co-facilitated with a Public Health Nurse.  Childcare is available.  For more information, call (905) 849-6366 x22.  The group runs on the first and third Thursday of each month from 1:00-3:00 pm.

MAPTMAPT (Mothers Are People Too)
An excellent selection of guest speakers visit the Centre each week to discuss family, parenting and women’s issues.  Free program.  Childcare is provided. Registration is required.

Parent to Parent: a drop in program for parents to discuss parenting
Parenting young children is busy and unpredictable, and sometimes you are looking for quick answers to your parenting questions. This drop in gives you the opportunity to share ideas, stories and discover solutions to your questions and concerns with other parents and our Parent Educator. While we are chatting your children will stay with us and have lots of fun playing and learning with our childcare educators.

Spring Parenting Workshops – Registration Required


The Five Love Languages of Children
Are you speaking your child’s love language? According to author Gary Chapman, there are 5 languages we use to communicate our love for each other and knowing the secrets of the 5 love languages can help you share your affection in ways that help your children and loved ones really feel how much you love them. In this workshop you will discover your primary love language, as well as the language of your children (and partner), and then you will learn about a variety of strategies that will help you to speak the 5 different languages.

The Gift of Music:
No musical background or experience is necessary. Come on out to discover how and what you can do to introduce and build upon the love of music for children of ALL ages. We will celebrate music and see the lifelong value of this universal language. You will discover how you can incorporate the endless benefits of music in your home and walk away with tools to develop a greater appreciation of the power of “the gift of music” for you and your family. Facilitated by a Music Teacher/Director.

Movie Mania:  Raising Children in a Digital World: 
There is lots of talk about a “boy crisis”.  What do the boys and men in our lives face today?  Join us for this insightful and interesting documentary about “how boys and men struggle to stay true to themselves while negotiating America’s limited definition of masculinity.”  A must see thought provoking video for any of us who are concerned about our sons, brothers, husbands and fathers.




Also check HaltoniParent (replacing Halton Parenting Directory) for upcoming parenting workshops (newborn to teen) that are being offered in the Halton community

Self-Regulation and School Success: 
It is becoming more and more evident that self-regulation skills are just as important as learning your ABCs and 123s. Current research is demonstrating that high levels of self-regulation in preschool are predicting kindergarten reading and math achievement. This association of self-regulation and positive academic outcomes also continues into the elementary and middle school years.

Most adults feel that academic skills are the key to success in the school environment, however it is just as important to teach a child to regulate their emotions, thoughts and behaviours. Good self-regulation can help a child pay attention to classroom activities, ignore distractions, and remember instructions long enough to carry out a task and resist impulses.  Self-regulation is a learned skill that develops gradually over time and parents can play a critical role in helping children to learn to control themselves. You can develop your child’s self-regulation through everyday experiences.  Join a pediatric occupational therapist to learn more about the importance of self-regulation and school readiness, appropriate developmental expectations of self-regulation, factors that influence your child’s self-control, and ways you can help support and prepare your child for classroom success.

Infant/Child CPR:  In this 2 hour session, EMS staff from HeartSafe will teach you the lifesaving techniques of infant/child CPR and how to recognize and handle choking in children.  You will have the opportunity to practice and ask questions.  Hurry, this one fills up quickly and space is limited.

Collecting  the Hearts of Our Children: The Importance of Compassionate Parenting:  Soft hearts are essential for healthy emotional development.  Join us for this workshop as we explore this idea further and discover why compassionate parenting enhances childrens long term growth, and how we can find empathetic, compassionate ways to deal with children’s behaviour and other parenting dilemmas.

Mindful and Wholehearted Parenting:  In this 2 hour workshop we will explore the work of Brene Brown (The Wholehearted Parenting Manifesto), and Jon Kabat-Zinn (Everyday Blessings: The Inner Work of Mindful Parenting).  You will discover how to increase your awareness, become more present in the moment and optimize parenting opportunities that you may be missing in the rush to get through the day.


Also check HaltoniParent (replacing Halton Parenting Directory) for upcoming parenting workshops (newborn to teen) that are being offered in the Halton community