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Registration Process

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When registering online:

  • Have your account information (username and password) ready
  • Select the correct “season” (e.g. Fall 2017) and know your program codes
  • Methods of payment (if applicable) are VISA and Mastercard
  • Full account payment (if applicable) is required to complete registration

  • We suggest that you look through our program guide to find the codes of the programs you wish to register for.  This will eliminate any chance of signing up for locations or start dates in error.
  • Also, if you would like childcare or nursery care for either Parent & Tot or Parenting programs, please do not click “Checkout/Confirm Order” until you see that your child(ren) is listed along with the program participant.  
  • If multiple accounts are created they will be deleted.  Families with more than one account are also subject to having all of their programs deleted for the season.  Please contact the office if you have any questions or unique circumstances so we can guide you with how to set up your account and/or register for programs.

Registration confirmations will be sent within one week of processing.

If you are unable to create an online account, you can download the forms below and return them to our North Service Road main location:

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