Happy Indian mother and daughter on white backgroundQuality First: Helping Parents to be Confident in Their Choice of Care

Quality First is an initiative providing all licensed child care programs in the Halton region with the opportunity to participate in a developmental model for quality improvement. Quality First is currently being offered to infant/toddler and preschool programs.

Quality First benefits parents through knowledge of quality indicators in child care and confidence in selecting an environment committed to the development and delivery of quality child care.

Oakville Parent-Child Centre is a “Quality First” initiative participant. To find out more about Quality First, please visit www.thrc.ca

Halton Child Care Registry
Looking for child care in Halton? (includes Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Acton, and Georgetown)

Call 1-800-665-0256 or 905-875-0235 for free information on:

  • Licensed Child Care Centres
  • Registered Home Child Care Providers
  • Licensed Agencies
  • Nursery Schools

Need child care subsidy? 

Contact Region of Halton, Child Care Subsidy office at 905-825-6000 or 1-866-442-5866 or visit www.halton.ca.halton_logo

Finding Quality Child Care

We know it’s difficult to find quality child care, so we’re here to support you…

Quality child care is “care which meets a child’s basic needs for a safe, loving and nurturing environment and at the same time satisfies the child’s physical needs for nutrition; balancing periods of rest with periods of activity.

Child care providers are the key to quality care.  They should…

  • Understand how children grow and learn
  • Be affectionate and responsive
  • Be enthusiastic, warm and want to spend time with children
  • Be non-judgmental
  • Be willing to adapt the program or environment to meet the needs of all children in care
  • Provide a stable and stimulating environment
  • Seek out community resources and support
  • Be willing to develop common goals with the parents
  • Be professional

What to consider when looking for child care:

  • Have you given yourself lots of time to choose quality care? Some programs have waiting lists. Explore all options: registered home, licensed centres and licensed homes.
  • Conduct an initial screen by telephone and then visit.
  • Does the child care provider have a philosophy common to your family’s? Are their views on educational material, nutrition and behaviour guidance similar to yours?
  • Look for positive, clear communication between yourself and your child care choice.
  • Is the child care accessible and affordable?
  • Check all references given to you.
  • Choose someone you feel will like your child and whom you can talk to and trust.
  • Think long term. Is the location in your community, close to schools?
  • When child care is not available, who will be your back up?