baby with ballResources and Information:  We like to challenge your thinking, deepen your understanding and help you find practical things that will help you in your parenting journey. Check out some of our favorite parenting links and resources.  If you have suggestions for resources that you think other parents would appreciate,  please send them along to Nikki at



  •  Educating the Heart and Mind  Ken Robinson at the Dali Lama Centre.  He discusses the importance of an education that educates not just the mind, but also the heart.
  • Dr. Becky Bailey shows us how the brain connects    (video) Early Childhood and Developmental Psychology Expert, Dr. Becky Bailey shares her riveting insights on how neuroscience reveals important things we can do to provide optimal situations that will wire our children for success.
  • This Grade 1 teacher definitely gets an A  (article) Learning How to Learn
  • The late Clyde Hertzman on Heart/Mind connection  (website) Research shows that heart and mind learning are highly interconnected, and that improving children’s social and emotional skills directly benefits their ability to learn and apply cognitive skills.
  • Clyde Hertzman on helping children thrive (video) How are we preparing our children for the challenges they face every day at school, at home, at hockey practice or at dance class? How do we know if our children are truly thriving?
  •   The Best Start Resource Centre is very pleased to launch its provincial awareness campaign on child discipline!  Videos and additional links for parents are included on the website.

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Healthy Babies Healthy Children

Oakville Parent-Child Centre supports the Region’s Healthy Babies Healthy Children program that brings together community services for families with babies and children. Healthy Babies Healthy Children is free, voluntary, confidential program for expectant parents and families with young children up to age 3. The focus for the program is on promoting healthy child development. Families are provided with information and support, and connected to programs in the community that support parents.  Find out more