Enrichment Programs

Enrichment Programs at OPCC

Oakville Parent-Child Centre Enrichment classes, offer your child the opportunity to enhance development with access to our certified and specialized instructors. Together we will introduce your child to music, art, reading, and other forms of creative learning to give them a head start.

These programs also help you and your child, or the child you care for, build on your attachment, explore different types of movement or develop language and literacy skills – all while having a fun time out!

Halloween Music Programs

Friday October 29th to Sunday October 31st, 2021

Musical Halloween Parade: Newborn to 6.5 years

Halloween is just around the corner and our little trick or treaters of all ages are all geared up to safely have some fun! Join Mrs. Tanya as we gather together in our Halloween costumes and participate in our parent and child “Musical Halloween Parade!” You will have the opportunity to share in this high-energy class with your child where we will be singing, dancing and celebrating with musical instruments, props and excitement together. This stimulating class will be sure to “stir” up some wonderful memory making moments! A special ‘treat’ will be given to each child.

Date  Time # of Weeks   Location   Cost
Fri Oct 29 9:30-10:30 1 NSR-Satellite $25/child
Sat Oct 30 11:30-12:30 1 NSR-Satellite $25/child
Sun Oct 31 10:00-11:00 1 NSR-Satellite $25/child

Fall 2021 Music Programs

September 22nd to December 10th, 2021

Sing a Happy Song: Newborn to 24 months

You and your child will celebrate music through a collection of the happiest songs of today! Let us light up your day with musical instruments and focus on positive energy through dance and movement in this delightful happy program. Musical gift will be provided. Facilitated by Mrs. Tanya, Music Director.

Start Date  Time # of Weeks Location Cost
 Wed Nov 17 12:30-1:30 4 QE Park $88/child
Music in Bloom Outside: Newborn to 5 years

Simply bring along your blanket for some outdoor musical engagement!
Enrich your child with amazement and recharge before the weekend! It’s time to provide your child with the opportunity to build his/her language, literacy and vocal development. You and your child will participate in using different hand-held musical instrument each week. Your child will listen to and develop rhythm, enrich their senses through joyful, creative, sweet sounding play. A musical gift is provided. Facilitated by Mrs. Tanya, Music Director.
Please note:  If we need to cancel this program due to weather, another date will be provided

Start Date  Time # of Weeks   Location   Cost
Thurs Oct 14 10:00-11:00 4 QE Park $88/child
Sat Nov 6 10:00-11:00 3 NSR-Satellite: Inside $66/child
Fri Dec 3 10:00-11:00 2 NSR-Satellite: Inside $44/child
Creative Music: 18 months to 3.5 years

Strengthen your child’s love of music while enhancing their mood in this high-spirited class. Being “in-tune” with your child’s musical interests, you will be better equipped to help them to develop their learning potential. Through vocal activities, musical games, line dancing, rhythm drills and musical improvisation, your child will be sparked with enthusiasm. A musical gift will be provided. Facilitated by Mrs. Tanya, Music Director. This program can be repeated, as content varies. Age group is 8 months to 3.5 years for October session only. 
Please note:  If weather allows, we will run this program outdoors when at the QE Park location

Start Date  Time # of Weeks Location Cost
Fri Oct 15 11:00-12:00 3 NSR-Satellite $66/child
Fri Nov 5 11:00-12:00 3 NSR-Satellite $66/child
Thurs Nov 11 12:00-1:00 5 QE Park $110/child


Musical Babies: Newborn to 24 months

Are you looking to engage in a positive bonding experience with your child? Research has found “that participants in interactive music classes with their parents smile more, communicate better and show earlier and more sophisticated brain responses to music.” McMaster University
Music provides positive messages to children and supplies us with wonderful ways to strengthen our connection. Through ‘meaningful music’, learn how you can equip yourself with music which works especially well for babies, toddlers and two’s. We will share songs, fingerplays, dancing, movement and utilize varied hand-held instruments to bridge a strong link between you and your child. Musical gift will be provided. Facilitated by Mrs. Tanya, Music Director.

Start Date  Time # of Weeks   Location   Cost
Thurs Nov 11 1:30-2:30 5 QE Park $110/child
Exploring Music: 3 to 18 months

Did you know that a baby’s brain doubles in size during the first year? What an opportunity to bathe them in the sounds of music! Music and movement can be a tool which can transform a tiresome, upset child into one who’s calm and full of joy. Music at this stage of development is what can bridge strong connections. Learn to pick up on your child’s cues and experience the benefits of music! A musical gift will be provided. Facilitated by Mrs. Tanya, Music Director.

Start Date  Time # of Weeks Location Cost
Fri Nov 5 9:30-10:30 3 NSR-Satellite $66/child
Fall-tastic Music: Newborn to 6 years

As the season turns, it’s time to embrace the Fall festivities! The Autumn harvest and songs of celebration will be among many shared as we come together to sing, shake, dance and play with various hand-held instruments. We will bounce with rhythm and delight in a musical morning carved into your weekend! Let’s experience the benefits of music together with your child in this awe-inspiring adventure. A musical gift will be provided. Facilitated by Mrs. Tanya, Music Director.

Please Note:  No class on the  Oct 9th as it’s the Thanksgiving weekend

Start Date  Time # of Weeks Location Cost
Sat Oct 2 10:00-11:00 4 NSR-Satellite $88/child