Selecting Childcare

Child Care Directory & Information Line

Looking for child care in Halton? (includes Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Acton, and Georgetown)

Call 1-800-665-0256 or 905-875-0235 or visit THRC Directory and Information Line for free information on:

  • Licensed Child Care Centres
  • Registered Home Child Care Providers
  • Licensed Agencies
  • Nursery Schools

Need child care subsidy?

Contact Region of Halton, Child Care Subsidy office at 905-825-6000 or 1-866-442-5866 or visit

Finding Quality Child Care

We know it’s difficult to find quality child care, so we’re here to support you…

Quality child care is “care which meets a child’s basic needs for a safe, loving and nurturing environment and at the same time satisfies the child’s physical needs for nutrition; balancing periods of rest with periods of activity.

Child care providers are the key to quality care.  They should…

  • Understand how children grow and learn
  • Be affectionate and responsive
  • Be enthusiastic, warm and want to spend time with children
  • Be non-judgmental
  • Be willing to adapt the program or environment to meet the needs of all children in care
  • Provide a stable and stimulating environment
  • Seek out community resources and support
  • Be willing to develop common goals with the parents
  • Be professional

What to consider when looking for child care:

  • Have you given yourself lots of time to choose quality care? Some programs have waiting lists. Explore all options: registered home, licensed centres and licensed homes.
  • Conduct an initial screen by telephone and then visit.
  • Does the child care provider have a philosophy common to your family’s? Are their views on educational material, nutrition and behaviour guidance similar to yours?
  • Look for positive, clear communication between yourself and your child care choice.
  • Is the child care accessible and affordable?
  • Check all references given to you.
  • Choose someone you feel will like your child and whom you can talk to and trust.
  • Think long term. Is the location in your community, close to schools?
  • When child care is not available, who will be your back up?