Community Events

Park Play! with Sparky & Friends

Sparky’s Dog Days of Summer are back and OPCC is thrilled to participate in these community events, hosted by the Town of Oakville and run alongside some of our community partners.

Come join us along with the Oakville Firefighters as we take our Park Play! program to a different park each week. Enjoy outdoor fun and active play, where kids can engage in big body movements, helping them develop gross motor skills and release some energy!

Our activities are designed for children under 6 years; however, the park is a wonderful place for all ages!

In case of rain or other severe weather, please review to our EarlyON Drop-in Calendar.

Community Services

Public Health Nurse (PHN)

A Public Health Nurse (PHN)  will visit select OPCC EarlyON drop in programs on a monthly basis.   Public Health Nurses work with communities to promote family health, discuss the developmental potential of children and can provide the most up to date information on topics such as nutrition, physical activity, oral health, illness and communicable diseases, child development, social and mental health.  Public health nurses are an excellent resource for answering  these and many other questions such a picky eaters, toilet learning, separation anxiety and treating common childhood diseases.  Bring your questions along and meet the nurse.

View the EarlON Drop-in Schedule

Communication CheckUp

The Communication CheckUp is an online screening tool created for parents and legal guardians living in Halton and Peel regions by ErinoakKids

The Communication Checkup:

  • Is available for children aged 6 months of age to August 31 of their junior kindergarten year.
  • Screens areas of development based on the child’s current age.
  • Screens for speech, language, social communication, fine and gross motor skills.
  • Provides instant results based on the answers you provide.
  • Suggests next steps to support your child’s development.

For more information please visit

> Start your Communication Checkup

ASK Clinics  (formerly known as DEIPP Assessment Clinics)

ASK is designed for families with children 6 months of age to August 31st of their junior kindergarten year that live in the Halton Community. The purpose of ASK is to provide a quick 15 minute consultation for parents who have questions about their child’s development. If it is evident to a parent or professional that there are existing developmental concerns ASK is not appropriate. Instead, a referral for a full assessment should be made directly to the appropriate services. For example: speech, hearing and developmental organizations.

ASK offers consultations with professionals from community agencies in the following areas:

  • Hearing
    An Audiologist will provide a brief check of your child’s hearing. For infant hearing, call ErinoakKids.
  • Behaviour
    A Consultant will briefly discuss your questions and concerns regarding parenting and your child’s behavior.
  • Development
    A Consultant can talk to you about any concerns you might have and can answer questions about your child’s overall development.

A Public Health Nurse will also be available at clinics to provide information on nutrition, safety, immunization, parenting, etc.

For more information: ASK Coordinator, 905-825-6000 ext. 2531 or Download the ASK Schedule