Parenting Programs

With helpful resources for parents, parents-to-be and caregivers, OPCC is a great source for family support. Access a range of free programs, from informative webinars to our weekly Parent Chat that brings community members together to learn and grow. Check back often to see what's available and be sure to follow our Facebook page for ongoing resources, including articles, local events and fun activities to do with the kids.

The Father-Child Relationship

Research tells us Canadian dads care about their fatherhood role and want to be supportive, involved parents. But most feel alone and isolated in their parenting experience, leading to frustration and a lack of engagement in routine parenting.

Why does this matter? Positively involved dads make a huge difference. From improved social, emotional and learning abilities, to decreased risk of injury and frequency of bullying—every child development measure is improved when dads are positively involved.

Join our new webinar with Dad Central speaker Drew Soleyn to help foster a thriving Father-Child relationship in your life.